ASX Announcements


(05/06/2023) S3N Notice of General Meeting Proxy Form

(05/06/2023) Pegmatites Identified on Lithium Joint-Venture AI Target

(02/06/2023) S3N – SPP Closing Wednesday 7 June

(30/05/2023) Airborne Geophysical Survey Completed Targeting LCT – Pegmatite Potential at Stellar Metal’s Trident Project

(18/05/2023) S3N Cleansing Notice

(18/05/2023) S3N Notification Regarding Unquoted Securities

(18/05/2023) S3N Application  for Quotation of Securities

(15/05/2023) Dispatch of Share Purchase Plan Offer Document

(12/05/2023) EXAI & Venture Minerals Farmin Agreement Reached

(12/05/2023) VMS – JV on Golden Grove North with SensOre

(11/05/2023) Correction to ASX Announcment

(11/05/2023) Prosposed Issue of Securities – S3N

(11/05/2023) Prosposed Issue of Securities – S3N

(11/05/2023) Prosposed Issue of Securities – S3N

(11/05/2023) Successful $1M Placement & Launch of Share Purchase Plan

(09/05/2023) S3N Trading Halt

(05/05/2023) Lithium Exploration Farm-In Agreement Conditions Achieved at Montague

(02/05/2023) SLB – NSW Funded Lithium Exploration Research at Trident

(28/04/2023) S3N – Quarterly Activities /Appendix 5B Cashflow Report

(26/04/2023) SensOre Receives Exploration Incentive Scheme Funds

(11/04/2023) Barton & SensOre Form Craton Gold-Copper Partnership

(27/03/2023) Application for Quotation of Securities – Announcement Summary

(27/03/2023) Cleansing Notice

(24/03/2023) SensOre and Gold Road Restructure YEV Joint Venture 

(24/03/2023) Proposed Issue of Securities

(17/03/2023) Confirmation of Release – S3N – Directors Interest Notice x 3

(15/03/2023) Appendix 4D & Half Year Financial Statements 31 December 2022

(03/03/2023) Notification of Issue, Conversion or Payment up of Unquoted Equity Securities

(02/03/2023) Change of Directors Interest Notice

(02/03/2023) Change of Directors Interest Notice

(10/02/2023) S3N – Investor Presentation

(30/01/2023) Appendix 5B

(30/01/2023) Quarterly Activities Report to 31 December 2022

(24/01/2023) SensOre Secures NSW Government Critical Minerals Funds

(23/01/2023) Lithium Exploration Farm-In Agreement for Montague Project

(05/01/2023) Atrico – Performance Option Corrections

(05/01/2023) Application for Quotation of Securites

(05/01/2023) Notification of Issue, Conversion or Payment up of Equity Securities

(05/01/2023) Cleansing Notice

(04/01/2023) Proposed Issue of Securities – 118,500

(04/01/2023) Proposed Issue of Securities – 2mil

(04/01/2023) Atrico – Performance Options

(16/12/2022)  SensOre develops next generation geochemistry tool for exploration targeting

(17/11/22) New gold mineralisation from first aircore drilling at Boodanoo, indentified using SensOre’s DPT technology

(10/11/22) SensOre and Lithgold to Pursue Gecko North Lithium

(27/10/22) Quarterly activities report 30 September 2022

(27/10/22) S3N Appendix 5B

(20/10/22) Results from AGM 20 October 2022

(19/10/22) Australian Microchip Investor Presentation

(29/09/22) SensOre AI lithium targets

(23/09/22) Appendix 3Y change of  Director’s interest notice

(21/09/22)  Notice of Annual General Meeting SensOre 2022

(20/09/22) Appendix 3Y change of  Director’s interest notice

(20/09/22) Drilling identifies igneous complex with alteration styles associated with large copper gold systems

(15/09/22) Appendix 3Y change of Director’s interest notice

(31/08/22) Appendix 4E & final report for year ended 30 June 2022

(31/08/22) Corporate Governance Statement

(22/08/22) Drilling at Balagundi returns gold anomalism & supports target

(09/08/22) Correction to Appendix 2A

(09/08/22) Cleansing Notice

(09/08/22) Appendix 2A

(28/07/22) Quarterly activities report 30 June 2022

(28/07/22) Appendix 5B 30 June 2022

(26/07/22) North Darlot RC Results

(18/07/22) Company Secretary appointment & resignation

(05/07/22) SensOre acquires Intrepid Geophysics to grow AI geophysics capacity

(30/06/22) SensOre completes large geochemistry data ingestion milestone

(22/06/22) Drilling results at North Darlot confirm two new gold trends

(16/06/22) SensOre readies for drilling campaign at Maynards Dam and Marloo

(07/06/22) SensOre to present at 121 Mining Investment Conference

(19/05/22) SensOre completes drilling at Eaglehawk gold target

(02/05/22) SensOre to present at NWR Virtual Conference

(27/04/22) Quarterly activities report 31 March 2022

(27/04/22) Appendix 5B 31 March 2022

(11/04/22) SensOre commences drilling at North Darlot gold target

(29/03/22) Investor presentation

(23/03/22) SensOre signs with Unico to scale its AI technology

(21/03/22) SensOre and Deutsche Rohstoff agree lithium exploration terms

(21/03/22) SensOre secures Barton Gold as new client in South Australia

(11/03/22) Half-year report 2021

(17/02/22) Drilling targeting Mt Magnet North gold corridor commences

(14/02/22) Appendix 3X

(14/02/22) Investor Presentation

(14/02/22) Balagundi drilling confirms mineralised system with size potential

(11/02/22) SensOre commences ASX trading

(09/02/22) Top 20 shareholders

(09/02/22) Distribution schedule

(09/02/22) Securities trading policy

(09/02/22) Corporate governance statement

(09/02/22) Long-term incentive plan

(09/02/22) Financial statements – FY2021

(09/02/22) Financial statements – FY2020

(09/02/22) Constitution

(09/02/22) Supplementary Prospectus

(09/02/22) Prospectus

(09/02/22) Pre-quotation disclosure

(09/02/22) Appendix 1A Annexure 1 (Mining Entities)

(09/02/22) Appendix 1A Information form and checklist

(09/02/22) Appendix 1A Application for admission

(09/02/22) Admission and Quotation

(27/01/22) Supplementary Prospectus

(13/01/22) SensOre enters lithium exploration exclusivity agreement

(24/12/21) SensOre extends IPO offer period

(22/12/21) Technology and exploration update

(21/12/21) New collaborative gravity survey highlights potential at Tea Well JV

(09/12/21) SensOre IPO now open

(01/12/21) Prospectus

(01/12/21) AI-mining technology company SensOre launches IPO funding round

(03/11/21) SensOre secures ministerial consent for Boodanoo exploration

(01/11/21) Drilling commences at historic Balagundi Gold Mine in Kalgoorlie

(01/10/21) AGM 2021 Presentation

(01/10/21) Results of AGM 2021

(22/09/21) Chalice & SensOre joint venture WA nickel targets

(20/08/21) SensOre and Great Boulder collaborate at Meekatharra

(06/08/21) SensOre acquires Sandstone Road Prospect in tightly held & emerging area

(05/08/21) Aroha Resources & SensOre collaborate on South Australian copper phase

(26/07/21) Next phase geophysics underpins SensOre’s drilling plans

 (22/06/21) Positive results at Mt Magnet highlight higher grade potential of new gold system

(09/06/21) New geophysics at Maynards Dam shows prospect potential

(21/05/21) Second diamond drilling program at Desdemona North commences

(22/04/21) Moonera powers ahead: New geophysics and WA funding

(26/03/21) SensOre succeeds with BHP and enters final phase

(03/03/21) Drilling to recommence at highly prospective Mt Magnet Project

(15/02/21) Encouraging first pass exploration results validate Mt Magnet AI target

(20/01/21) Sensing new mines – WA Works

(18/01/21) Making sense of big data – CSIRO Resourceful magazine

(07/01/21) SensOre expands targets to base metals with Nullabor deal