Developed by explorers for explorers, SensOre’s products and services are designed to advance the way companies integrate, interrogate and analyse geoscience data.

SensOre’s technology is designed to better understand where and how to explore – the ultimate aim being an increase in discovery rates, with flow-on environmental and financial benefits.

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SensOre offers a range of services to mining and exploration industry clients as well as resource investment clients. We are committed to working with you to understand your objectives so that you experience the optimum potential of our technology and expertise.


AI-target generation

Revolutionise traditional exploration and targeting to accelerate discovery

Prospectivity mapping

An efficient and cost-effective way to target regions of prospective terrain

Drill site optimisation

Develop insightful recommendations for management decision-making

Data management

Automated data cleaning, feature selection and data transformation

why partner with sensore?

Vast industry experience

at heart

  • Decades of mineral exploration experience
  • Multidisciplinary geoscience and data science teams
  • Leveraging our exploration team to add value to target generation

Senior resourcing

Access to top-tier shared resources

  • Unique approach reduces time taken in target generation
  • Less resources required in data acquisition and data cleaning
  • Senior resources shared across projects

Best practice approach

Cutting edge
AI advances

  • Dedicated R&D team
  • Best practice in target generation
  • Advancing targeting under cover and new project generation
  • Continuous improvement objectives

Priority support

Direct technical support access

  • Project lead assigned to every client engagement
  • East and West Coast presence
  • Real time input into target generation and drill target refinement

Real insights

Cost effective
target generation

  • Data to prospect in one step
  • Prospectivity ranking of target generation
  • Geochemical tools based on big data approach
  • Target generation – predicted location, grade, depth & size